Why us

Fighting boring advertising with creativity since 2013.

We strive to end foie gradvertising.
Low quality advertising has been scrammed down our throats for years.
Today’s audience demands more effort and doesn’t want to be treated like sheep or walking moneybags.
If you want the attention of your customer, you gotta earn it.

Our job is to challenge the advertising industry, because we believe brands and advertising can really make our lives and our world more interesting, fun and better.
When you keep that in mind, your brand and advertising will be useful and relevant in today’s society.

The future of advertising and marketing will be created by the happy, opinionated and positive brands that are the creative risk takers of this world.
Those who improve our society, in all ways possible.
Those who give back, will get the return.
Those who lead, will leave their competitors behind.

That is why we believe in surprising brands, activational campaigns, customer experiences, unconventional ideas, authenticity and real people.
Let’s create the advertising we deserve.

Let’s create advertising that makes people happy and makes companies grow.

“Your closest friends unbore your life everyday.
That’s what brands should do too.”

– Creative Director Phil Blondé ‘Award Winning Designers #19’

Friendship is creative member ofDuval Union