The Movement, a Nikon Series

Frøydis Geithus, Aurelie Gonin, Mikko Lagerstedt, Mous Lamrabat, Olivier Wong, Esther Horvath, Pep Bonet and Keziah Quarcoo & Cara Brown. 

9 amazing European image-makers with a purpose in this world. Their goal in life is to make the world a better place with their creativity. Yet, they all have their own subject, style and creative process.

For the launch of the new Nikon Z 8 – one of Nikon’s most promising and anticipated cameras ever – we brought these image-makers together on a road trip through Spain. The purpose of this collective journey was to start a creative cross-contamination between them and start the conversation about what moves them as image-makes. 

We also wanted to give each image-maker enough creative freedom. So they picked their subject and we provided all they needed to create something that represents their move in this world. 

We documented the road trip and their creative journeys from A to Z and turned it into a limited web series, teasing trailers Nikon Z 8 product videos and a paid media campaign.

Check the epic trailer and the first episodes here!