My money, my choices

MeDirect believes you should be able to make your money work for you—on your own terms. Pretty bold thing to say for a bank!

We made sure MeDirect’s launch campaign for their new branding is nothing like a typical bank commercial. With the new claim My Money, My Choices, we tell you exactly how online banking at MeDirect can fit into your lifestyle. Your money, back into your own hands, by putting you in full control. MeDirect provides the tools and the knowledge to guide you through all the banking stuff.

The TVC portrays the life of an independent woman who makes her own choices in life. Her hobbies, her work, her travels and … her money. Just like it should be.

So here it is! A brand new MeDirect.

This campaign contains a rebranding, digital ads and a TVC.


TV Commercial NL – 45sec


TV Commercial FR – 45sec