What’s not in it for you?

Provamel is committed to make you trust food again by only using honest ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes, it’s all about fully transparent, cutting-the-crap, 100% honesty so everyone can understand every ingredient and why Provamel uses it. What doesn’t fit in their drinks, they leave out.
We love that attitude!

So we got together with Provamel ambassadors Nina Maat (circular entrepreneur) and Alexandre & Antoine from Animo Studios (premium boutique fitness space) to capture their vision on honest ingredients.

No influencers, no fake scripts, just 3 people who really have something to say about this topic.
We created an edgy social media campaign that generated traffic to a landing page with the full story of the ambassadors.
Best enjoyed with a glass of plant-based milk alternative!


The full videos:



A few of the social media ads: