Happy Birthday Accent Jobs

In 2020 Accent Jobs celebrates 25 years of happiness at work.

They wouldn’t be the company awarded multiple times with “best place to work” if they didn’t want to celebrate this with everyone. And we mean literally with EVERYONE! Every single stakeholder was a target audience for this 360° campaign spread over one complete year.

The kick-off of the campaign was on the 25th of January with a big Bloom Birthday Edition – as seminar held in a celebratory theme. All attendees participated in breaking the world record of the most people wearing party hats. Also, as a special treat, all employees received the announcement that they would get a day off on their birthday that year and all offices will receive a special surprise on the 25th of every month.

The campaign went on spreading the main message “Accent works with your talents” with a national campaign on TV, Social Media, Radio, cinema and festival sponsoring.

We also used real-life recordings of phone calls delivering some good news to new recruits:

Every office received a huge birthday calendar to count down the days to the massive birthday party at the end of the year.

All Accent clients received a Happiness Box to spread the same workplace ethics as Accent handles to keep their employees happy. Spreading their 25 years of happiness at work with everyone!