Launch C&A A/W Collection ’21

C&A is THE fashion brand that has been here since 1841. And with a big fashion brand comes a lot of big fashion shows, with lots of people. Twice a year, C&A hosts events called ‘Collection Showrooms’ to present their new collections. At least, until last year… Due to “you know what”, C&A couldn’t organise a traditional Collection Showroom event for this year’s Autumn Winter collection presentation.


So, for this edition, the Collection Showroom came to our guests! We sent our guests everything they needed to sit back and enjoy our presentation in the comfort of their own home, their office, sofa, hammock, bed… Anywhere they felt most comfortable. Aside from the goodies, the main item we sent them was… A magazine! At first, this magazine looked a bit… empty. However, when they picked up their smartphone, the magazine came to life!

We took the most traditional medium — a printed magazine — and enhanced it with a digital layer. Every single page had its own immersive experience and users could discover tons of content about the C&A brand, the autumn winter collection ’21, the teams behind the collections and much much more! Faithful to tradition the centerfold is one of the most important parts of the magazine. So there you could find… A countdown clock counting down to the live show of the C&A Collection Showroom Autumn Winter ’21. A show presenting the Clockhouse and Ladies styles in a unique setting, broadcasted to all our virtual guests at the same time,all over Europe — as if they were actually there.


So… Mission accomplished! Everyone could discover the collection in the comfort and safety of their own home.