C&A forever denim.

C&A knows denim. 

They’ve been offering denim products since the 60s 

– They launched the world’s most sustainable denim fabric in 2020

– They now produce Forever Denim even more sustainably for the European market in the Factory for Innovation in Textiles in Germany

And we know unboring ideas!

Ever read a pair of denim before?

C&A needed an equally innovative press kit to show the fashion world they’re producing the next-generation sustainable fashion. So we sent 262 journalists, influencers and stylists in 16 countries a personal pair of “Forever Denim” in their size and favourite fit. With the press message printed on them!

Once done reading C&A’s Forever Denim story, you simply throw your pair of jeans in your washing machine.

And then you’re left with clean, sustainable denim!