Come play with meow.

Gambling is a form of entertainment like any other.
In the world of sports, playing poker with your friends or playing slots in a cosy casino, as long as you are having fun and don’t lose yourself, have fun with it. Always remember; when the fun stops, stop.

Like Michael Jordan said: “Gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what it’s meant to be, with is fun and entertaining.

We teamed up with It’s one of the first online Belgian casinos, known to have the best and most fun dice games.
Since casinos are all about playing and winning, that’s what their campaigns should do too.
Make as many people play and win.

And so we did. 

We made them win on TV.
We highjacked full adbreaks, turned them into a weird game hosted by the Carousel cat and made the viewers win cash, on the spot.

We made people play and win in many Belgian train stations.
Guess how many dice you see and win cash! Instant Cash!