Best of Belgium: in China

Belgium is a small country in size, modest in her spirit, yet, it has many “best of” practices to make the rest of the world say “Wow, is that Belgian? That’s extraordinary!”

The “Best Of Belgium” has the ambition of bringing the best Belgian brands in the form of a “group show” to the rest of the world. From a wild range of fields including fashion, gastronomy, culture, art, design, technology, sports and so on.

Why do we do this?
Phil Blondé, creative director Best of Belgium:
“Globalisation is everywhere. That is why it’s really important to promote Belgian brands and talents, outside of Belgium.
Most people don’t realise that by shopping online on international platforms like Zalando, Alibaba or, their money leaves our country. We need to realise that we better spend our money on our own talents and brands, just to support and strengthen our own economy. In the meantime, we also need to promote Belgian talent abroad, to attract more traffic and business to Belgium.

Our first ‘Best Of Belgium’ project ran in August and September in Chengdu and Beijing. In a range of exclusive restaurants, like ‘The Abbaye’, there was a typical Brussels menu available and the restaurant was decorated in a Belgian theme.
We have created a ‘high tea’-tray in the shape of the Brussels Atomium. Every ball is filled with famous Belgian treats and the Atomiums are being used during high tea every day. In the evening they are being used as dessert platters. This way everybody can choose and taste different Belgian treats. During Lunch they are also being used to serve french fries.

Thanks to the brands and all the partners that joined ‘Best of Belgium’ and support and promote Belgian brands and talents abroad.

It can be considered as a non traditional advertising campaign for the image of the Kingdom of Belgium, the Belgian identity and the many Belgian brands and talents.