A Tribute To all creators

In January 2020 FRIENDSHIP teamed up with K&L Inc. Japan for the worldwide launch of the long-rumoured Nikon Z5, Z6ii and Z7ii, each of them innovative and feature-rich mirrorless FX-format cameras for different kinds of creators.

Combining their forces, K&L and FRIENDSHIP created a strategic and creative launch plan for different markets worldwide. This resulted in the campaign ‘expand your creative playground’ for the launch of the Z5 and an anthem film celebrating the complete Z System range of Nikon, a tribute to all creators out there.

Worldwide emerging creators in the spotlight

For this campaign, Nikon puts a series of international creators in the picture, while they are using and discovering the new Nikon Z5, Z6ii or Z7ii. 

“We really wanted to show Nikon’s absolute dedication to image making and the legacy of the brand. But we also felt that the launch of these new models was the next big chapter for Nikon. So we needed a new and fresh way to tell the story. A new tone of voice in communication that resonates within old and new generations of creators.”

Gen Umei, creative director at K&L Inc.

We see every creator in their own creative playground, doing what they love and live for in its most authentic way. The films are completely shot on Nikon Z System gear, featuring Yusuf Adam, Bella Karragiannidis, John Wingfield, Jordi Koalitic, Shohki Eno, Marie Bärsch, Ronan McKenzie, Beatriz Sastre, Cory Richards, Miho Comuro & Bruno Senna and Shawn Corrigan. These creatives let us have a look behind the scenes of their creative process and way of working.

“We didn’t look for the the most famous creators or those with the most followers. We looked for authentic, talented individuals who really create from the heart. We scouted a lot of individuals and ended up with a group of creators from different disciplines showing that nowadays, a camera doesn’t only end up in the hands of a traditional photographer. We really broaden the spectrum.” 

Jeremy Vanmaele, creative director at FRIENDSHIP.

Shooting in COVID-19 times

In full preparation and preproduction, the pandemic happened. But that didn’t stop us to shoot this campaign in 12 different locations all over the world. We contacted local DOP’s and local producers from all over the world and got to work. We established a completely different way of working, but by doing so we created a new way of producing that will absolutely work in the future.

In a short video you can see how we produced the film in a time the world was in lockdown. 

Check out the result:

Nikon Z Anthem

Nikon Z5 BTS | Ful.Filled

Nikon Z5 BTS | Jordi Koalitic

Nikon Z5 BTS | Shoki Eno

Everything was made & shot using remote technology during the COVID-19 pandemic following all safety regulations.

Featured Creators:
Yusuf Adam, Bella Karragiannidis, John Wingfield, Jordi Koalitic, Shohki Eno, Marie Bärsch, Ronan McKenzie, Beatriz Sastre, Cory Richards, Shawn Corrigan, Miho Comuro & Bruno Senna.