ELVEA 100% Naturale!

Elvea’s passion for tomatoes is unmatched. Their ambition is to become the number 1 tomato sauces brand in Belgium.

Like always, we support our friends in achieving their goals! So that’s where we come in with authentic and tasteful campaigns that bring the Italian sun to your screen and in your supermarket. Chances are high that you’ve seen some of this work in a TV commercial, social media ad, banner, print ad or as POS!

One of our first collaborations was the launch of the Elvea ready-to-use pasta sauces. A product targeted at a younger target group that is totally into convenient but healthy choices. 

TV 7sec FR


TV 7sec NL


We’ve also created the new, leading brand commercial. We were invited to a real pasta dinner in Italy to shoot what makes every Elvea product great: delicious tomatoes grown under the Italian sun.

TV 30sec FR


TV 30sec NL