Corporate marketing on social media:

7 tips to get the most out of your social media.

1. What’s in a name.

Never forget that social media is a ‘social’ medium. That means it is created and works best if you create ‘socially relevant’ content. A lot of corporate brands use social media like they use classic media (print, tv, outdoor, …) This does not work, not even when you have unlimited budgets.

2. Social = interaction

Social campaigns have one goal= make conversation happen.
Likes are fun, but comments and shares are a lot more effective to increase organic reach.
Talkability is priority.
How to do this? One of the tricks we use is to think like a publisher.
Headlines work, but avoid clickbait. Become the news.

3. Show your ambition.

Don’t be afraid to show the steps you take towards a better travel experience.
Your customers love to see what you are doing for them and how your brand works on improving their lives.

4. Use your strengths: landmarking

Your location is key. Brussels Airport is a place where people love to be because traveling is a popular lifestyle activity. This is a strength that should be exploited as much as possible.
This is a example of landmarking; your location becomes a well known place to be.
For example, by turning Brussels Airport into a Instagrammable hotspot.

5. Thumbstopping content

Just like in real life, people stop and stare when they see something interesting.
On social media, the human brain works in the same way.
That is why thumbstopping content is key.
We have been working on social media since the beginning and are constantly researching new ways of using it to it’s full potential.

6. Social media as a sales tool

Social media is a lot like a big shopping street.
People scroll through their ‘street’ and engage with the ‘windows’ that attract their attention.
If you want to sell something, make sure your window display attracts your audience.
When they engage and get ‘in’ your store, make sure the experience is qualitative.
When they engage and get ‘in’ your store, make sure the experience is qualitative.

7. Don’t fight the algorithms: they help create better content.

Social media changes constantly.
Today video works really well and tomorrow it’s all about 3D content.
Our social media team is constantly on the lookout for new emerging trends and techniques.
We have a test platform with an audience of 15.000 people to test and try out new formats.
This gives us the opportunity to pre-test social ideas.

Some examples

The power of fans on social media.

‘The Expanse’ is a science fiction series on SYFY channel. This is one of our favourite tv shows. Last year the show was cancelled.
Together with other fans, we started a worldwide social campaign to save the show, just by engaging with other fans. #savetheexpanse.
Together with thousands of fans we convinced Jeff Bezos and Amazon to save the show. Spoiler alert: we did it.

The power of landmarking on social media.

For the city of Antwerp we created a new landmark.
Goal: create visibility on social media

We gave an Antwerp legend, that is well known in other countries but not in Belgium, a statue.
Today this is one of the most photographed statues in Antwerp with hundreds of daily interactions, 2 years after the launch.

The power of emotions on social media.

For the Dutch organization ‘Haarwensen’ we created a series of short but emotional documentaries for social media.
Every documentary got a lot of PR and millions of organic views on their social media channels.
Real emotions work. Fake emotions don’t.