Great advertising lasts longer than the ad itself. It keeps on lingering in the mind and leaves a ‘aftertaste’.
It provokes conversation and it keeps your brand in our brains longer. 

Why do we need more ads with a aftertaste?
Our society consumes mountains of content and entertainment everyday. We are all addicted to it and we click and scroll like there is no tomorrow. People are hungry for stories and ideas.Meanwhile our dear internet has changed. Now there’s advertising before and in every video, annoying banners everywhere, cheap click ads, fake news and ads, etc.
Pretty logic that ad blockers were invented and people start suffering from severe banner blindness.

That is why brands need to create useful and meaningful ads. 
Make your ads interesting content for the digital platforms your audience visits, because your investment will last longer online.
Articles, videos, photos or any social campaign can be online forever, while a banner lasts until you run out of budget.Instead of being in a banner, your brand should be in the news.

A great ad does not feel like advertising. It whispers Buy me, while a annoying ad screams it.