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In this laboratory we experiment with brands. What generates organic reach and interaction on social media and what doesn’t?
How do people react to certain ideas, what triggers their interest and makes them consider your brand.

Why do we do this?

We see a lot of classic ads on social media. They clutter our newsfeed and annoy a lot of people, just like banners.
Brands spend big budgets on social media and often do not generate the reach they are looking for.
That’s weird. Or is it?

Social media as an advertising medium is built on creativity and works best when you create ideas that provoke conversation and interaction. Social media is not made for basic classic ads, like the ones we see in magazines and on tv.
If you want your audience to interact with you on social media, you need to step out of the brands comfort zone and experiment. Your courage will be rewarded.

What do we want to achieve?

We believe organic reach is only possible when you invest in a good idea.
To prove this we limit our budget for every experimental ad.
Every Skip This Ad you see here, has a production and media cost under €50.
We spent more time finding the right idea that generates reach, than on production value or media budget.

Want to test your brand?

Join us, talk to us, send us your ideas and support a new way of social advertising.

Important note:

No CEO’s, CMO’s or brand managers are harmed during the making of Skip This Ad!