Treasure hunting in Knokke

People who invest in real estate at the Belgian coast, invest in a life full of fun, recreation, indulgence and happiness. This is the main message Agence Het Zoute wants to communicatie in their new campaign line “Real Estate, From A To Zoute”. They want you to understand that when you buy a house or apartment with them, you get all the good stuff like the beach, sports clubs, fine dining, galleries and fresh air of Het Zoute as an added value. Free of charge. 

Together with a new communication identity for traditional media, we launched a series of activations to communicate this new approach on real estate trade.

It is forbidden to walk your dog on the beach for the biggest part of the year. But, from Oktober until March, you’re free to roam the sandy plains of Het Zoute together with your canine friend, even without a leash. So, we used this moment so many dog owners look forward to, to create a campaign that will make people discover the benefits of Het Zoute. 

During autumn school break, we buried 10 little houses that serve as treasure chests on the beach. We also put loads of dog treats with the houses so dogs could pick up the scent and know where to dig. Everyone who found a treasure chest won a price they could pick up at the local agency of Agence Het Zoute. The prices were all kinds of experiences like a dinner in a fine restaurant, a wellness treatment at the local spa, a shopping budget for local stores, etc… All kinds of prices to make you discover the real treasures of Het Zoute.

We used Facebook and Instagram to tease the campaign, release hints about the location of the treasure chests and announce which who has found one.