#stayinside your garden

STAY IN YOUR GARDEN and your home, with Osmo’s fun quarantine DIYs.

Belgium is in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. This means everyone is forced to stay home, or in their garden of course. The upside of this terrible situation is that we all have a little more time to take care of the garden and our indoor greenery (such as houseplants). 

We decided to fight boredom and start ‘quarantine gardening’ with Osmo.
Both indoors and outdoors.

How? Osmo launched a ‘BLIJF IN UW HOF’ format on social media.
The content is all about fun quarantine DIYs or tutorials. 

We turned toilet rolls into biodegradable planters, house gnomes and bird feeders. 

We made sure you could watch birds stay indoors from within your own house and everyone could make their own funky flower pots.