Think of your friends.

They unbore your life everyday.
That’s what brands should do too.

Brands can make our lives more interesting, fun and better. When you keep that in mind, your brand and advertising will be useful and relevant in todays society and the world.
And if you want our society to believe and buy you, it needs to like you first.

The future of advertising and marketing will be created by the happy and positive brands that are the creative risktakers of this world. Those who treat their clients like people, instead of consuming moneybags. Those who improve our society, in all ways possible. Those who give back, will get the return.

Friendship is the full service agency for these creative risk taking brands.
For brands that believe their advertising is more than just advertising.
Brands that believe they can be useful, newsworthy, timeless, just weird, playful, new, inspiring, happy, free and anything else.

Challenge accepted.

founder/ managing director
founder/ creative director


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