September 22, 2014

Choose your style, get in and... tadaaaaa!

To show off the fall and winter collection, we created an Outfit-o-mat for Belgian retailer e5.
It was located in the centre of Antwerp, Belgium’s most fashionable city.
You could choose one of the clothing styles, get in the outfit-o-mat and come out in a brand new outfit, styled by two famous Belgian stylists.
Watch it work here: Outfit-o-mat 

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Naturally, seeing one person come out of the Outfit-O-Mat looking fantastic, others wanted to do the same.
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Outfit-o-maat e5 mode geeft bezoekers gratis outfit
Gazet van Antwerpen
Automaat gaf gratis outfits weg in Kammenstraat
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Gratis outfits!
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nieuwe look met de OUTFIT-O-MAAT
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